Best Practices of American Airlines

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Best Practices: American Airlines Best practices are techniques or methods that lead to better results and improvements in things such as ethics teamwork motivation or other things that keep a business going smoothly. These practices utilize all the knowledge and technology advances that one has to conquer success in the given field. The term of “Best Practices” is used often times in healthcare education systems project management as well as government administration and several other organizations. These things make certain businesses become the best in class or the ideal for its category. Examples of best practices are but are not limited to things that deal with price, employee perks or how happy the employee is, motivation,…show more content…
This way of dealing with things may not go through as well with other organizations. Also this may sometime in the future not workout so well with American Airlines as well. In addition, American Airlines also prides itself on maintaining a happy healthy work environment so they can maintain a positive surrounding community. They do this through acting as responsible stewards as well as reducing their mark on the environment. They act as responsible stewards through continuously looking for new ideas and opportunities to further improve their environmental performance.(Corporate Responsibility) In 2009 they made impeccable improvement to the environment in several was such as the fact that their environmental initiatives resulted in the reduction of their greenhouse gas emissions related fuel from 2008. This is not the only way they have aided in the improvements of the environment they also saved at least $10 million through energy-saving initiatives, as well as increasing fuel-efficiency. Furthermore, they signed agreements in partnership with 15 other airlines to purchase future supplies of alternative fuels they also reduced ozone depleting substances through the replacement of certain industrial cleaning products. (Corporate Responsibility) In conclusion American Airlines continues to be the epitome of what utilizing all the knowledge and technology advances that one has to conquer success in the given field. And is the ideal example of what best practices
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