Best Practices of Strategic Management: Innovation in Web Research

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Best Practice Strategic Management Innovation Web Research Introduction As explained by Hill & Jones (2012), strategic management entail the process of implementing ways that would help an organization achieve its long term goals. Hill & Jones (2012) adds that organizations would be unable to attain their projected goals if they do not employ proper ways for strategic management. Through strategic management, companies strive to create ways that can create a balance between the external and internal environments. Management of information technology and innovation is among the most important aspects in strategic management. Schilling (2010) notes that managers have to establish the proper platforms to ran information technology in their respective organizations. Through the implementation of proper strategic management ways, organizations are able to capitalize on different opportunities. Describe what the best- practice companies do in the field of information technology. As noted by Soni (2006), a number of the world leading multinational companies have adopted remarkable practices they apply in strategic management. These companies have formulated effective systems for information technology. A good example of a company with best practices in information technology is Nestle Company. Nestle, which is based in Switzerland is know for its premium food items and beverages. Since the time it founded, Nestle has been on the forefront as a global market leader. Te driving
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