Best Pratices in Measuring Customer Satisfaction Essay

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| Best Practices in Measuring Customer Satisfaction. | Week 3 Assignment | Nicholas B. Fannings 5/20/2012 GM 588Professor K. Mayberry | Customer satisfaction has long been an industry focus as a measure of managerial strength and company profitability (Kelsey & Bond, 2001). The satisfaction of the customer is essential to the success of a company. There are many ways for organizations to determine how satisfied their customers are with specific products or services. Although there are, many different ways to measure customer satisfaction industry spanning best practices allow for consistent capturing and interpretation of collected data. Among the best practices of measuring customer satisfaction, include knowing…show more content…
Keeping the survey short and specific allows an organization to gauge a customer’s relationship to them. A broad topic survey becomes susceptible to customers not answer the questions or the questions may not be answered in earnest. One good example the application of best practices involves the company CDW, which uses the internet and a program called Net Promoter (, 20007) to capture data for measuring customer satisfaction. CDW ask three questions of the survey participants “What the customer plans to purchase, if they are committed and what would they [customer] do if we went away? (, 20007)” The responses are grouped into categories promoters, passives and detractors based on the score ranging on a scale from 1-10. CDW reviews negative feedback from the surveys and responds with a quick and prompt response to that customer, which furthers customer loyalty and increasing customer satisfaction. Using these best practices described in the previously, these can be related to the College and University sector. It has not been until recently that academic institutions have concerned themselves with the concept of customer satisfaction as higher education moves into an era

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