Best Preforming Drug Within The Groups

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In the following exploratory data analysis, of the relevant variables, it is our hope to identify the best preforming drug within the groups (groups A, group B, group C). The exploratory analysis provides a view of how each group performed over the course of 12 weeks. In figure 1, below is the descriptive table. The descriptive table provides a view of all variables associated with the HDL/LDL drug study. The output with the descriptive table contains the overall Norman clashers of the study, there is a section identified as group, statistics, and standard error. The section labeled group; it identifies the group of participants in the study. In addition, statistics are provided in the form of the mean scores for each group as well as the number of participants and error associated with each group (some data isn’t visible due to pivot table activation).
Figure 1
In the LDL group, the overall mean total score of 97.98 (SD = 17.165).
Control group (M = 101.10) Drug A (M = 86.20), drug B (121.40) drug C (M=83.20), and scores 82.25, 94.00, and 109.75 represented the 25th, 50th, and 75th percentiles, respectively.

However, it is necessary to evaluate the associated graphs to aid in the development of understanding of the data (Field, 2013). Perhaps, one graph that is of importance is the box graph, it gives the researcher a better view of how the mean scores compare. Using the graphs and descriptive information in tables gives the researcher enough information to formulate a
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