Best Requirements Of Lamaan Grill Restaurant

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Best achievements of Laman Grill Restaurant are :

Laman Grill has appeared on television program in TV3 that is “Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan” as the most recommended restaurant to dine-in. The Laman Grill Restaurant had once signed a contract with ASTRO and do have some link with other television broadcasting companies such as Media Prima (TV9-food show).

They open the second outlet of Laman Grill in Kajang that applied the same concept as in Shah Alam and they also have another 4 outlets under Chef Zubir supervision there are Wangsa Grill, The Cut Steakhouse and Burgers, Vista Brasserie and the latest one is The Steakhouse Shaftsbury Cyber Jaya that had the grand opening on early March 2017. SYSTEM USED BY LAMAN GRILL STEAK & BAR-B-QUE SHAH ALAM
Laman Grill Restaurant categorized as a conventional foodservice system because all items on the menu are prepared from the scratch in the kitchen of the place it will be served. Menus change on a daily basis, thus, production changes daily. The foods are prepared close to the serving time as possible and to maintain the freshness of the product that has been produce, usually once the order is fire, then they will prepare the order. The kitchen area is led by head chef who has both experience and a …show more content…

The information on customer preferences is important in menu planning. According to manager Laman Grill Restaurant, the menu will change every 6 months, but before it being documented in the menu book, they will test the market acceptance on the menu to measure the menu strength by creating it as the promotion menu. They will take the feedbacks, comments concerning the reactions of the customers on the menu to improvise in order to fulfil the customers satisfactory and make the menu

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