Best Retirement in Nicaragua

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Nicaragua has been rated as one of the best 10 places to retire in a recent survey by the U.S. News and World Report. There are some requirements to retire in Nicaragua and if you are eligible, you have many advantages that Nicaraguan people don’t have; the cost of living and medical are very affordable, transportation is not a problem and everything is close by. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the world, but that does not keep it from being beautiful, having gorgeous beaches, friendly people and opportunities to invest on real estate or any business; the country is very safe. Keywords: Tax free Why should you retire in Nicaragua “More than 3 million U.S. citizens have already moved abroad looking for cheap real state, low taxes, and better qualities of living. This trend will only increase in the years to come.” (International Living Publishing, 2014). Nicaragua has a retiree benefit program that makes it easy for foreigners. Requirements A copy of your Birth certificate, a copy of your passport, a police certificate, a physical and a mental exam certified to verify you are a good citizen and not a sick crazy person; these papers have to be translated to Spanish and notarized as well another important requirement is that you are over 45 years-old with a monthly income more than $600 dollars, however, you need to be a nicaraguan resident. Advantages for retirees. Take your vehicle, furniture and all your household goods valued for $20,000.00, sell your vehicle

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