Best-Self Portrait Essay

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| Learning Project 1, Part 4-6 | |


LP1, Part 4: What are others' experiences of me when I am my best?

Phase 1: Creating the Reflected Best-Self Portrait
When I am at best, I help people. I motivate myself and feel motivated when I get to help others. Whether it’s a stranger, colleague, friends, or family, I feel my passion in assisting those in need. As long as it’s within my capability and moral belief that what people ask for help is ethical and legal, I give them my attention and time. I feel happy that I am able to give a hand, and I feel happy to see people become happy with the help I give them. Helping others put smiles on my face and also on them as well. I feel proud of myself that I have the power to help the
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I believe in being trustworthy, reliable, and accountable to my actions and behaviors, regardless of situations. | 1. Being the daughter to my parents. 2. Be responsible as an employee and a co-worker to help and provide fitting skills at Swarovski. | Supportive | I believe in backing up the people I care about, encouraging them, helping them, defending them, and loving them. | 1. Encouraging and complimenting Coral and her new place.2. Compliment and Recommending the trendy styles to Danny. | Adaptable | I believe in the power to adapt to new surroundings and situations, learning new skills and experiences to make them my own. | 1. Adapting to the new country, new city and new language when first immigrated to Canada. 2. Adapting to the new atmosphere of working places when got the job at the Swarovski. | Ambitious | I believe in being compassionate and eager to have goals, work hard, and successfully achieve them. | 1. Accepting new responsibilities and tasks at work.2. Got in to the school band, to let off my flute skills. | Loyal | I believe in loving my families, giving them my time and effort. I believe in the presence of family value and care for one another. | 1. Be the best supportive and loving family member to all of my families and relatives. 2. Always be on the side of my friends, trusting them. 3. Have Danny's back with his problems. Cheer him up even when I wasn't very much interested. | Open-minded | I
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