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“Experience is the best teacher.”

When I look back on my first year I have always questioned myself as to how could I possibly learn a very diverse job that requires many skills and a lot of patience in just a matter of 3 years. Not that I doubt our education system but it’s pretty wonted, I always get that feeling of doubt especially when I take on a new course in my life. After failing so many times before, I think that it just normally happens and I eventually developed a mechanism wherein I just don’t take things the way they are. I question. And with all honesty until now I don’t know if it’s a good thing to do but that’s what my guts tells me every time. Anyway, I just shrugged the skepticism and believed in crossing the
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And I couldn’t possibly grasp everything because truth is there are a lot of factors inside the classroom that aren’t observable. No matter how structured the observation course may be but there are just intangible things that can’t be measured by your mind but only through your heart.
For the two teachers I observed over the semester, they share something in common which speaks toward their students and that is kindness. Kindness which is a universal language that cuts through every kind of impairment. It is a language that the students with autism can feel, the deaf can hear, and the blind can see.
Moreover, I can have all the fundamental knowledge in teaching but it can never guarantee me a ready-made respect. Respect which are not imposed, but has to be earned through showing the respect I want to receive. And when I have this mutual respect between me and my students it will lead me to an understanding. Understanding that more than the determined factors I need to bring to my class is the recognition I need to put on my students’ needs and what impedes them in achieving it. And through this I don’t see why I won’t be able to extend my patience. Patience that all of them can learn not just on day or the same
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