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The Best Teachers
The quality’s a teacher present are very important and can play a part in their teaching effectiveness. Sometimes these qualities are negative, which limits the effectiveness of the teaching processes and sometimes they are positive and can greatly help both the student and teacher. The best teachers are the ones who present a comfortable and entertaining atmosphere, have complete control over the class, and lead to the student to an answer as they give thorough explanations of the steps to any given problem. The teacher presenting a comfortable and entertaining atmosphere is essential to the process of learning. Students work best when they are in a comfortable setting as they can concentrate on their work and not have to worry about an overly strict teacher or some other form of discomfort. An entertaining class can do many positive things for the student such as contribute to a comfortable setting and allow the student to become
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Students often find difficulty giving his or her attention to the teacher as others are talking or being disruptive. This instance can be avoided if the teacher will assert his self or herself and quieten the disruptive students. For example, I was in a class and the teacher was relating our studies to various movies and as we were watching one of the movies three students were making immature comments and the teacher never once told them to be quiet. Thus, I became very distracted and annoyed leading to a lapse in my attention causing me not to retain important details from the movie. In contrast, I have found it much easier to retain information or focus on the assigned work in a controlled classroom such as Mrs. Flemings’. Leading a student to an answer or understanding of the given work is just as vital as creating a controlled
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