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The BEST week is the first week of the first year in dcu, It is very an important week to recognize the DCU program, to meet our lecturer and our classmate too. In this reflection I will write about the most important things I have learned and also the things I enjoyed it most in the best week, which is the information and the knowledge I received, the challenges, the teamwork, and the prizes. However, I was very excited and nervous at the same time before I know about the best week,then after attending the whole week it is really helping me a lot to feel more comfortable, relaxed and even more exited!

Information and knowledge:
During the week we had so much information and knowledge about DCU in general and financial in particular. For
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It was very fun and exited and I learned a lot from it. Our first challenge name was the (marshmallow challenge) the tools were a few sticks of spaghetti, tape, staring and one marshmallow and all that what we had to do was to build and design a tower by using only these tools in 10 minutes! At the beginning I thought it is impossible to build something using a spaghetti sticks and I kept asking myself how can a very thin and weightless sticks stand by its own! However after I and my team starts to plan how to do it trying to make it the highest tower, it actually worked and we were very surprised and happy that we made it. the most important thing that I have learned was that with planning and sharing ideas and trying one, two and three times we can achieve our goals no matter how it is seemed impossible, because who believe that we can do something by spaghetti sticks beside eaten it! Also, I learned from the time limit that we have in the challenge the repartee. Which I think it is a very important skill that we will need in our career. At the end of that day I searched about the marshmallow challenge website that we had already given and I was surprised that it was international challenge and many business students had played it around the world like Mexico, las vegas and many other countries. Another challenge we had is the time management challenge. So the teachers gave us a set of class…show more content…
Actually the teamwork is the most area I would like to improve in myself, because I did not have used to work with a group and I think that I produce better and even faster when I work by my own that might be because of my last experience in teamwork, also maybe because of my shy personality. For example, sometimes I get worried to propose a new idea to someone and he doesn't like it. However to be honest in my BEST week experiences of the teamwork was very good and unexpected. They were all collaborators except one person. After all I believe that I will deal with all the different kinds of personalities in my career, so I must get to use to it. We worked on some activities that could improve our teamwork. For example, we worked in a poster of team contracts which involve the team rules and the consequences if these rules are broken. In our team contracts we wrote the points that we think it is the most important, for instance: the team member must respect each other ideas and opinions. Everyone should improve their own skills. And one of the most important thing that I learned was if each member of the team used his skills the team will get a very good results at the end so I must not get shy to produce my thought and ideas. Another thing effect me in a positive way after working in a teamwork is talking better in presentations. For example, in the management challenge we have been asked to present our product after
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