Best Youth Services : An Organization With Values Based On Enhancing The Quality Of Life Of The Youth

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Best Youth Services is an organization with values based on enhancing the quality of life of the youth in the community. The severity of the allegations of soliciting sex from a student of Bill Barnes cannot be taken lightly. Mr. Barnes is the scheduled guest speaker for the 25th anniversary banquet being held Saturday night. The luncheon is in honor of all the staff and children who have participated in the program over the 25-year span with the goal of enhance BYS’s reputation in the community. An investigation is being done, but will not be completed before the 25th. A fair and ethical decision has to be made before the anniversary celebration.
Better Youth Service has built a bond of trust within the community over the last 25 years, making an uninformed decision concerning the claims could hinder the enhance BYS’s reputation in the community. First and foremost, Better Youth Service is a business and the concern of the clients should be number one. There are two sides to every story and it is not in BYS interest to take sides. Mr. Barnes seems to be a pillar in the community in assisting with aiding the youth in many positive ways. He has also been a longtime supporter of the program. This would make one want to believe he is innocent, but without a thorough investigation the organization would be basing his innocent off emotion. The sensitivity of the manner addresses the safety of the youth, the integrity of the center, the ethical relationships built, and the…
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