Bestiality In Jonas Liliequist's Peasant Against Nature

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Throughout history, humans have maintained a relationship with animals. In some cultures, animals have served as religious symbols and were worshipped by humans. As society progressed, humans began to play the more dominant role. Animals began to serve as a source of food, trade, transportation, and companion. With the frequent interaction between man and animals, boundaries were eventually crossed. In “Peasants against Nature,” Jonas Liliequist discussed the excessive cases of bestiality in seventeenth and eighteenth century Sweden and its inevitable occurrence. With his various sources, Liliequist proposed that bestiality occurred due to the frequent interactions between men and animals, lack of culture, sexual frustration, and basic curiosity.…show more content…
When witnessing acts of bestiality, people were in disbelief and petrified. Many reported fainting, dizziness, and nausea. People did not know how to react when they caught the bugger. They did not want to confront the bugger in fear of provoking violence. The ultimate fear was that they condemned themselves by simply witnessing the impure acts (65). Those who engaged in acts of bestiality were ostracized by society. No one wanted to be associated with them. Wives did not want to engage in sexual relations with their husbands. Similarly, the bugger’s family did not want to share the same last name. No one wanted to touch the bugger or his belongings (68). Likewise, the animals who were victims of the assailants were considered impure. Their bodies were corrupted. Many owners chose to execute the animals because the milk was no longer drinkable, and their meat no longer viable. However, it was considered illegal to kill the animals until the trials. Despite being poor and resulting in an economic loss, farmers chose to kill the impure animals in order to distances themselves as much as possible from the bugger (71). Society ensured that those who performed inhuman acts, were treated as
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