Betacyanin Essay

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Effects of temperature manipulation and solution treatment on the Beta vulgaris craca plant cell membrane and the change of the concentration of betacyanin when placed under these various stresses Introduction: The Beta vulgaris craca plant, commonly referred to as the beet root contains a pigment, red in colour, called betacyanin. The betacyanin’s containment within the cells of the beet root cell relies on the stability of the plant’s membrane structure. The manipulation of the cell’s membranes through temperature change and solution treatments often causes damage to the vacuoles within the cell which contain betacyanin. Poovaiah and Leopold released a similar scientific publication in 1976 which analyzed the effects of inorganic salts…show more content…
Performing this experiment provides evidence and example of how various stresses effect this membrane and to what extent will they remain intact. Materials and Methods: To obtain the standard curve for betacyanin, a spectrophotometer was used to measure the absorbance level of the various concentrations of betacyanin within the water solvent. The beet root was cut up into tiny 5mm uniformed disks to allow for the maximum leakage per test tube. In order to observe the effects of the various temperature manipulations, the test was performed six times at various temperatures. For this test the beets were placed into separate non permeable plastic bags and were then completely submerged in several water baths set at the temperatures of -25ºC, 5ºC, 25ºC, 45ºC, 65ºC and 85ºC for 2 minutes each. Once the plastic bags were removed from the baths, the beet discs themselves were removed and then placed into different test tubes of water with the temperatures set at room temperature for fifteen minutes. The test tubes underwent vigorous spinning by a vortex machine every five minutes to allow for maximum leakage results per beet disk manipulation. Once the beets sat in the water for fifteen minutes, 2mL of the surrounding solvent was poured into a cuvette to be measured with the spectrophotometer. To observe to level of betacyanin leaked from the cells membrane through further analysis, a solvent stress test was performed on
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