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Unit 29 – Understanding Retailing Task 3 Understand the sales and service functions in retailing Key terms which needs to feature in your work: Customer focus: customer satisfaction (new, repeat); collection and uses of customer information; uses of ICT in communication with customers; Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Customer service: customer service as an objective; advantages; problems; target marketing; identifying needs; customer service (pre-transaction, transaction, post-transaction); product offer, after-sales service; service quality; sales process, selling skills; sales support; sales techniques P3 – Explain how focussing on the customer, by providing good customer, is essential to retailing General idea:…show more content…
How these strategies meet increasing customer expectations 3. Why these organizations continue to apply different sales strategies 4. Why these organizations keep improving their customer services and development of products. D 2 – ASSESS THE IMPACT OF DIFFERENT SALES TECHNIQUES AND CUSTOMER SERVICE IN A SELECTED ORGANIZATION For D2, you will demonstrate an ability to make judgements about the most significant elements of service and selling skills in the industry, and the ways in which they are sustained. You should think creatively about new service solutions that can realistically evolve from current practices. General idea: Assess the significance of different selling skills and customer services being applied in retailing and how they can be sustained to improve continuous performance To achieve D2 in this task, your work should include the following: 1. A selected organization 2. Selling skills used by this organization 3. Customer service strategies used by this organization 4. How the organization’s selling/customer service strategies impact positively on the performance of the organization You may choose one of the following businesses:- Dell Computers Apple Ford Car Company Tesco PC World Useful Websites for Task 3:- 1. Arcadia Group Ltd – for Evans, Wallis, Dorothy Perkins, Burton, Topshop, TopMan, Miss Selfridges and Outfit 2. Bhs (British Home Stores)
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