Beth Dodson: A Short Story

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Then Beth Dodson came into her life 3 years later, and changed everything.
It was Tuesday when she came knocking at Liz’s door. Her Dad told her he was expecting a visitor, his girlfriend's daughter, for some bonding time since they had been seeing each other a lot lately and things were getting pretty serious. Liz expected a nice girl with a sundress on, probably with a high ponytail, and maybe on her feet about a one inch heel in the form of a sandal. Liz figured she probably went to some private school that costs more than her whole house. Instead, she opened the door to Beth Dodson. Beth Dodson was the kind of girl you wanted to stay away from. She was only 13 but was bad news. She had tattoos, long black hair with a long streak of
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He seemed to blabber on and on and on about her mother and what kind of things he liked to do, and how he hoped Liz and Beth would be good friends, and while this happened Beth kept staring at Liz with the same dangerous smile she had on in her bedroom.
After dinner was Liz’s dad Frank said the two should go on a walk,and Liz being obedient said, “Okay,” but immediately started to regret it.
As soon as they walked out the door Beth started to talk,“ So what kind of trouble do you want to get into tonight? Or do you want to just walk right back to Daddy and be a good girl.” She laughed.
“I-I-I just don’t… I just… Oh I don’t know, what did you have in mind.” Liz spit out.
“Well I was thinking since you’re new to this whole thing that we’d start off small only stealing a few items from the local store but I mean who knows,you might be ready for more after your first heist I know I was.” Beth said a little softer.
“O-Okay.” Liz replied with a knot in her stomach. She hated getting in trouble and definitely didn’t want to steal anything but was more afraid of what Beth would to do her if she didn’t listen than to get in trouble from robbing a small item from a
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“Ya, Ya you really did.” Beth said in shock, she couldn’t believe a good girl like Liz could pull that off without breaking a sweat.
“ That felt really good, ya know what? I’m ready for more.” Liz said feeling the most confident she ever felt.
“ Wait what did you steal?” Beth asked
“ A solid gold watch.” Liz replied smirking.
“ And I thought you didn’t have it in you.” Beth smiled, but it was a smile Liz had never seen before it was like Beth finally had a real friend, and from there there was no turning back.
“Come on let’s go find another place to steal something.” Liz said with the same Devilish grin that Beth had on in her bedroom.
Liz and Beth went to the Manhattan Mall, one of the nicest malls in Manhattan. There they stole 5 watches, 2 stuffed animals, and one Iphone, which by the way was not as easy as it sounds. They had to sneak into the storage area in the back and dress as workers there. They said they had to restock the shelves took these items and left.
“Well that was fun!” Liz said a little too excitedly.
“Calm down thee fun has just begun.” Beth said laughing.
The two walked together in silence on the way back to Liz’s house. Both not sure exactly what to say. When they finally reached Liz’s house Liz said. “ I hope this won’t be the last of
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