Beth Fennelly's Poetry Essay

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Beth Ann Fennelly and Tom Franklin read a few of their pieces at a public reading. Beth Fennelly writes poetry and short stories while her husband Tom read sections of longer fiction pieces. The two even combined to write a novel that they shared a bit of!
Beth started the readings off alone, reading a few of her poems and short stories. The first poem that she read was a love poem of sort. It was the story of what would have been if she had met her husband at an earlier time. Beth is from Chicago, but the story takes place in Tom’s home state of Alabama. I loved the alliteration in a few of the lines. “Dumb as dalmatians” and “plaid pajamas” (although out of context), sounded smooth rolling off the tongue of the speaker. The poem was a great selection for the reading because it showed the deep bond that the two share.
Beth read several stories that were extremely short. Even shorter than William Carlos Williams’ Red Wheelbarrow. The stories were less than four lines, some as short as one or two lines. Although short, the stories were able to convey a lot of emotion. My favorite short poem was called Married Love. It went something along the lines of “My ex boyfriend's
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The Safety Man is about a man who is anything but safe. He drinks on work nights several times throughout the story. He bought a dog and drunkenly left it at the pound. He took several pills and drank on them. The story had a very solemn tone to it. You could tell that the man was in a downward spiral. The story climaxed in a scene where the safety man gets into a fight with a coworker because he is hungover and unshaven at work. Once the man is suspended from work he realizes how important his job is to his life. Everything he does revolves around his job. This realization in the story hits home in my heart because it makes me think about how important school is to me right now. Sometimes I can lose focus but it helps to remember what keeps me here at
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