Bethany Hamilton: A Brief Biography

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Bethany Hamilton created hope for handicaps, used the habit of mind Overcoming Challenges to innovate
Bethany Hamilton has created a whole new outlook on surfing and handicapped people. After her infamous shark attack at the age of 13, the whole surfing sport has never been the same. Once she had gotten bit, she said that she could just see her whole professional surfing career get wiped away (Soul Surfer Movie). She got super upset. But right after she got a positive outlook on life with one arm, she wanted to get back in the water ( She immediately started thinking about and practicing how she could somehow push herself up onto the board with only 1 arm however, she managed to get it after hundreds of tries. Since
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After her shark attack that left her with 1 arm, she has changed the world. Since she was out of surfing for a while, she was eligible to be nominated as “Best Comeback Athlete” at the 2014 Kid’s Choice Awards ( She won that award and the trophy that she received on that day shows all of her hard work to get back on the board. She also has been able to grant numerous kids the best wish ever with the “Make-A-Wish” foundation ( She spent a day with those kids surfing their little hearts out and making them the happiest kids and teens in the…show more content…
She has immensely illuminated the world. She used many habits of mind but the one that best describe what she used to do what she has done would be thinking flexibly. She was bitten by a shark and left but one arm however, she tried her best to get back on the board and to her passion. She had to think a different or flexibly way so she could push herself up onto the board and balance at the same time. Because of her amazing and tremendous comeback, she has been able to help charities such as the “Make-A-Wish” foundation for kids with cancer ( She has recently gotten married to Adam Dirks and became a mother to a beautiful baby boy, Tobias ( on June 1st, 2015. She has confessed that she has thought numerous times about the tasks that she has to accomplish in motherhood such as feeding and holding a squirming baby with 1 arm ( Though with some difficulties, she has overcome those challenges and has almost perfected being a mother. She has truly inspired not only me but the
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