Bethesda Classification Of Pap Smear Testing And Evaluation

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Bethesda Classification of Pap smear testing and evaluation
The Bethesda classification is relied upon in the reports that need to be made on the diagnosis related to vaginal or cervical cytology. Pap smear screening is used in the detection of processes in the cervix that are potentially cancerous and pre-cancerous. In the event of abnormal findings during the process, there could be further tests ran to get more clarity before the final decision is made on the conditions that is suffered (Rásky, Regitnig, Schenouda, Burkert, & Freidl, 2013). The National Cancer Institute recommends utilization of “The Bethesda System" for the reporting of cervical / endocervical / vaginal cytology (Pap smears) specimens. The standardized language of the
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• An adequate endocervical / transformation zone component (from a patient with a cervix) (Nayar, & Wilbur, 2015).
(2) Quality of the Pap smear will still be noted when:
• Less than 10 well preserved endocervical or metaplatic cells are seen
• Blood or inflammation moderately obscuring the Pap smear (Nayar, & Wilbur, 2015).
(3)"Unsatisfactory for evaluation" designates that the specimen is unreliable for the detection of cervical epithelial cell abnormalities.this term is used if any of the following apply:
• A broken slide that cannot be repaired
• Scanty squamous epithelial component (less than 8,000 well preserved and well visualized cells on conventional slides or less than 5,000 well preserved and well visualized cells on liquid-based preparations)
• Obscuring blood, inflammation, thick areas, poor fixation, air-drying artifact, contaminant, etc. that precludes interpretation of approximately 75% of the epithelial cells(Nayar, & Wilbur, 2015).
If the pap smear test is abnormal it can be reported by Bestheda system as follows:

• Normal
• Benign
• Epithelial cell abnormality (a) Atypical squamous cells of unknown significance (b) Low grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (c)
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