Bethune 's Beach After The Readings Of Brooker T. Washington

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Bethune relocated to Daytona Beach after the readings of Brooker T. Washington inspired her to go with her vision and open her own school. Many people tried to discourage her to not to go to Daytona because the black laborers in the area lived in poverty much like slavery and the Ku Klux Klan would commit violent acts against anyone who tried to better African Americans. Her husband Albertus Bethune did not agree with her dreams and left her to return back to N.C. and they never got back together again. On October 3rd, 1904 Bethune opened the doors of the Daytona Normal and Industrial Institute for Negro Girls. Her rent was 11 dollars a month and she would charge the young ladies fifty cents a week for tuition. The local black community…show more content…
She offered two hundred for the land with a down payment of five dollars. The owner didn 't believe her at first but accepted her offer. To raise the money needed for the down payment she sold homemade pies and ice cream once again. Through these actions to Challenge the Process Bethune had started to really take shape and through her success she Enabled Others to Act. They acted through their action to foster collaboration by promoting cooperative goals and building trust. She also strengthens others by sharing power and discretion. Bethune knew in order for her vision to be successful she had to get the community engaged in the work she was going. She was able to have enough volunteers to clear the debris from the newly purchased land. She was able to beg for used bricks and other supplies for the new school house and she traded labor of the men for the tuition of their families. Bethune was never too prideful to ask for help she would give talks at hotels or her and the students would sing for the guest, she would even go from door to door to ask for money. She soon learned that a lot of rich white men and white women 's societies supported the school. One of her letters she sent asking for support reached James Gamble from Protector & Gamble and until he actually met Bethune he thought she was a white woman. However, after he was over his shock, he was impressed by your presentation and saw her vision. Her presentation was so great she
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