Betrayal In The Great Gatsby Analysis

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The definition of Betrayal is- To be unfaithful, or to disappoint the hopes or expectations of someone. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby, you encounter varying degrees of betrayal. From a forbidden love affair, Daisy and Gatsby fight for their lost love until a huge sacrifice has to be made. While Myrtle is unhappy with her lower class life and hard working husband George, she admires Daisy’s lavish life, more specifically her husband Tom. Lastly, we come to Tom and Daisy; they are married, have a beautiful daughter, come from old money, and in their time, are considered to be living the dream. However, behind closed doors life isn’t so amazing. During the 1920’s people lived life recklessly, and society warped people’s…show more content…
After spending time with Daisy and reigniting that lost spark, he was confident that she felt the same way he did. He hoped that she would choose him over her husband. She didn’t know how to feel because, she did love Tom at one time, and she loves the security, money, and the lavish lifestyle that comes with him. Clearly betrayal comes easier to Daisy then making decisions. Gatsby may believe that Daisy is perfect, but she committed the ultimate form of betrayal. On the evening that Myrtle died, Daisy and Tom were conspiring their story, and plotting their next move. Since no one knows that Daisy was driving, they both realize the obvious person to blame. Without a second thought or sympathy in their hearts, they decide that the blame is left on Gatsby. On the following day, as Gatsby floats calmly and cluelessly in his pool for the last time before the summer ends, Myrtle’s husband George arrives. He in cold blood shoots Gatsby and then himself. A man who had goals and made himself a respectable suitor all for love, betrayed and remembered as a criminal. In the 1920’s, having money was a necessity. Although having money was important, it was more respectable if you come from old money, like Tom. However, it was also excellent to come from new money, like Gatsby. Sometimes, there would be someone who has to work for their money, like George. Women in that time were selfish,
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