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CTI: The play Betrayal written by Harold Pinter attempts to portray how through betrayal relationships become complex. He did this in two ways, by introducing the problem at the beginning of the play and then using flashbacks to show how the relations were developed. At the beginning of the play we find out that Jerry and Emma have had an affair with each other and that Robert Emma’s husband new about the affair. He created the scenes to go back in time to show how their relationships developed. Because of their affair, relationships changed. For example, Jerry and Robert used to be best friends, but due to the betrayal their friendship became complex. He proved that friendships do not have to end and don’t assume your friends do not know…show more content…
Pinter discloses the flaws of each relationship, by creating in each scene, situations that showed each couples betrayal towards each other. The audience easily figures out that Jerry and Robert spent a lot of time away from their home and family. Through out the play their secrets are uncovered. At the end of the play it is revealed that Robert’s wife might be having an affair with another man and that Robert did not publish Casey’s book because he does not like books. The playwright brings the audience in to relate to the real life crisis of the characters.
I think he was trying to get the audience to relate what it is like to be betrayed by someone you trust. He did this through a love triangle of close friends. Even though the couples love each other, they are still unfaithful to each other. Because of the unforgiveness between Robert and Emma they are thinking about separating and the friendship between Robert and Casey is ruined because Casey in Emma had an affair. The playwright proved that relationships are not what they seem, looking from the outside which made his attempt
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This play portrays the emotions of guilt that could be felt for betraying your friend. For example, Jerry struggles with telling Robert he is having an affair with is wife and Jerry
T3: The role of the director in Betrayal was to get the audience to identify with the characters and the situations they create through the actors, scene designs, and designers. This is a realistic play that was created to appeal to an older audience. In order for the audience to relate to the characters the direct has to ensure that the actors performances reveal the attitudes, feelings and characteristics of people who have betrayed each other.
The director would have to relate to the costume designer to design costumes that reflect the style for middle age parents in the 1970’s. Emma is 38 and Jerry and Robert are 40. He wanted to attract an older audience based the subject of the play (betrayal). Emma’s costumes would have to be that of a simple housewife with a light colored dress and apron. The stage designer would have to create scenes with the right amount of lighting, color and images, for the audience to feel and visualize themselves in that situation, during that time period. In Act Two the designer would have to make sure they design the hotel room with scene with a bed, well light space that shows the mood of the conversation between the seriousness of Emma and
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