Betrayal in Death of a Slaesman and Stone Angel

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The feeling of having been betrayed by a trusted or important figure in your life can result in emotional damage, which can eventually lead to personal destruction. “Stone Angel” by Margaret Lawrence and “Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller, are two works of literature that put that very statement into context. Although, the theme of betrayal is evident in both pieces, the protagonists of the different plots – Hagar Shipley and Willy Loman – experience betrayal in two very different fashions. Hagar Shipley is destroyed by her loss of independence and Willy Loman is forced into taking drastic and unnecessary actions. Acts of betrayal are scattered throughout the lives of the two protagonists. Betrayal put them off the path of life on…show more content…
As Hagar is in her home, she decides she will leave to, “Point something? Was it? What’s the point? The name is necessary, essential. For the ticket. [But] Marvin looks after my money. The account’s in his name now. I had forgotten. I haven’t a nickel.” (Laurence 139) Hagar desires nothing more than to get away from Marvin and Doris and prove to them she can be independent. Even as Hagar is on her deathbed, her resentment towards Doris for putting her in this situation comes out as Doris is passing her a cup of water, Hagar snaps, “Of course. What do you think I am? What do you take me for? Here, give it to me. Oh, for mercy’s sake let me hold it for myself! (Lawrence 308) Hagar’s disgust and frustration with her situation comes out even as she is about to die, as she snarls at Doris. She takes this frustration and rage to her death. The outcome of her plan to prove her independence ended up being the end of her, similar to that of Willy Loman and his family. The betrayal involved in his life was what ended his life. When Willy commits suicide his family is greatly affected, however his son, Happy Loman says that, “I’m gonna show you and everybody else that Willy Loman did not die in vain. He had a good dream. It’s the only dream you can have – to come out the number one man. He fought it out here, and this is where I’m gonna win it for him.” (II, 7) This statement from his son shows that despite all

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