Betrothal Religion

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In the History of Marriage that is stated in the bible, it is said that it typically represents a symbolic meaning to the covenant union between god and his people. The time of the ancient in the Near East before any genuine marriage would take place, betrothal was considered a binding as marriage. There would always be a betrothal period or also called Kiddushin which last 6 months and sometimes a year, this was considered a binding promise between the bride and the bridegroom. An Israel woman who was betrothed was already considered the 'wife' to who she is betrothed to, being bound to complete faithfulness. If the woman ever had committed any sort of unfaithfulness to the bridegroom during the betrothal period she is considered an adulterer and was stoned to death. If ever she wasn't caught was found out that she was no longer a virgin the bridegroom could easily dissolve the marriage quietly. At times the wife would be given a gold ring or another valuable thing. "See by this ring(or token) thou art set…show more content…
In the room they arrived to the bride would remove her veil and then the two would become one with their marriage covenant to god. After such happenings the bride and bridegroom would place the bloodstained garment out the window of the room for all to see that she had been a virgin from the start. This concludes to the door being shut and a feast that would last seven days for the bride and the groom would commence. All guest would be provided garments for festivity and all would be dancing for the bride and groom who would be treated like a queen and a king, wearing garments of celebration without doing anything just watching the festivity the drinking of wine and once in a while join dancing . The ruler of the feast who has responsibility for all preparation and
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