Essay on Better Education Will Reduce America's Crime Rate

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Once a year in Switzerland a tournament, called Knabenschiessen, is held to show who has the best aim with various weapons. A trophy or prize goes to the top boy and girl shooters. As most everyone in Switzerland gets trained in the use of various weapons there is little to no crime in the country. According to the Swiss Federal Police Office there were 2,687 crimes committed in Switzerland in 1997. Of those only 637 involved guns (Halbrook, 1999). The best way to deal with crime is to educate people on weaponry, create more gun control laws, and harsher sentences for criminals caught in possession of a weapon.
Education is a key to dealing with the crime rate in America. The more young men and women trained in the use of weaponry by
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28.4% agreed that the teaching of gun safety should be done during the first two years of school. 54% believed that the training should be done by people specifically trained to deal with weapons, such as someone in law enforcement or military trained. Only 6.9% felt that the teachers should do the teaching (Obeng, 2010). Thus, the more children trained in proper gun safety could help reduce crime if all knew the proper handling and control of the weapons.

Creating more gun control laws could also be a great way towards dealing with crime in America. The Brady Law passed in 1994 makes it so that anyone going to a licensed gun dealer goes through a background check. Brian Seibel writes in his report No Check. No Gun. Why Brady Background Checks Should Be Required for All Guns Sales that there is a “major gap” in this law. The “major gap” being that the background checks are only done by licensed dealers. Unlicensed dealers, or anyone who wishes to sell a gun, does not have to have the buyer undergo a background check. This makes it pretty easy for a criminal to obtain a weapon without any trouble.
When a criminal is caught in possession of a firearm, laws making harsher sentences should do much to reduce the number of crimes being committed while in the possession of a firearm. In Tennessee a bill

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