Better Health Association Control Plan

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Better Health Association Control Plan Introduction As Executive Director, I will provide staff leadership for Better Health Association. Our goal for the company is to improve the well-being of individuals. Audiences of all ages will be able to take part in learning about living a healthy lifestyle and developing the skills needed to make healthy choices to prevent diseases and ameliorate conditions for those already afflicted with illnesses. Over the course of the following year, it is my responsibility to develop and lead the staff, management structure, dedicated to achieving the mission for Better Health Care Organization. I plan to make significant changes to our organization, to help guide individuals in Central Ohio, to living a better and healthier lifestyle. My goal is to empower the staff with the training needed to meet our company’s standards. Better Health Association Mission To improve the well-being of individuals through health education, counseling and detection screening programs. Over the upcoming weeks, our mission will consist of finding new and advance solutions to better educate individuals in our society on the importance of health education, by improving care through technology, which ultimately better our society. Our organization will focus on fundraising, however, are focus on fundraising will be from a health perspective, to make sure we focus on individuals health at all times. I will be responsible for the implantation of Better Health Care
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