Better Health Association Organization Plan

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Better Health Association ____department name____Organization Plan
As Executive Director, I will provide staff leadership for Better Health Association. Our goal for the company is to improve the well-being of individuals. Audiences of all ages will be able to take part in learning about living a healthy lifestyle and developing the skills needed to make healthy choices to prevent diseases and ameliorate conditions for those already afflicted with illnesses. Over the course of the following year, it is my responsibility to develop and lead the staff, management structure, dedicated to achieving the mission for Better Health Care Organization. I plan to make significant changes to our organization, to help guide individuals in
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Better Health Association Vision
To be the premier provider of state-of-the art health services in the greater central Ohio region. Our mission in the long-run is to be able to provide health care in the North West region of Ohio. Our intent is to focus on preventative care. However, as of today we are currently making coverage more affordable by reducing the cost of health care. Ultimately, our mission is to ensure everyone receives some type of support and for our company to focus on health through technology.

Strategic Goals for Department Name
The Better Health Association is always looking for stronger ways to connect with individuals within our community. As technology has increased, individuals spend large amounts of time online or on their cell phones. Our goal is to develop an app which will allow a Better Health patient to access any time of the day 24-7. Benefits of the app will include tips on health education, which in return will allow the patient the opportunity to take preventive steps in taking care of themselves. I will deepen the leadership and management practice in order to strengthen the organization to fulfill our goals.

Departmental Organization
Organizing staff will consist of the human resources department to hire individuals in the technology field and hire more educated individuals in the health field. The Director of Development will focus on our fundraisers, which will be
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