Better Health for Individuals Essay

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Better Health for Individuals

* Identifies and examines why individuals give different meanings to health * Explains how a range of health behaviors affect an individual’s health * Describes how an individual’s health is determined by a range of factors * Evaluates aspects of health over which individuals can exert some control * Describes factors that contribute to effective health promotion * Proposes actions that can improve and maintain an individual’s health * Forms opinions about health-promoting actions based on a critical examination of relevant information * Uses a range of sources to draw conclusions about health and physical activity concepts

Meanings of Health * Definitions of health *
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* Stereotypical beliefs about particular groups in the community may limit our ideas about their likely health status

Implications of different perceptions of health * Implications at an individual level * On an individual level, people’s perceptions of their health have a significant influence on their lifestyle choices and behaviours relating to health. * For example, a person who recognizes that they are experiencing symptoms of depression is more likely to seek support or undergo counseling than someone who is unfamiliar with the symptoms of depression or disregards or dismisses these symptoms. * Being able to accurately assess our level of health assists us to be proactive about our health and take appropriate action to address health concerns. * Incorrect or distorted assessment of our health status could lead to health behaviours that are likely to harm our overall health and well-being. (Anorexia, due to wrong perceptions) * A stereotype is a simplified
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