Essay on Better Look at the Human Resources Department

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Contents Executive summary 5 Introduction 6 A brief overview of the key subject area 6 About the selected company 6 Central Argument of the assignment 7 Strategic approach for recruitment and selection 7 Structure of the report 7 Contextual analysis of the company Warwick Model 8 Outer context 8 Inner context 8 Business Strategy Content 9 HRM context 10 HRM content 10 Company Practice – Recruitment 10 The selection process of MAS Holdings 11 Analysis and critique of company practice 12 Recommendation 13 Conclusion 15 Bibliographies 16 Executive summary This report has been done for the requirement as an assignment of the 3rd year Human Resource Management module which was conducted. Even though this is…show more content…
MAS Holdings was established 25 years ago as one of the very first apparel manufacturer in Asia. It has now become the leader within the Apparel Industry by creating strong partnerships with renowned partners such as Victoria’s Secret, Triumph, Gap, Marks & Spencer etc. It offers its clientele a large range of intimate wear manufactured with a finest quality in order to stand out from its competitive rivals. Vision: “Be the Leader in providing multi facility connectivity, empowering supply chain solutions in a sustainable eco system” Mission: “Our goal is to provide an unparalleled range of industrial services, enabling investors the most feasible environment for seamless activity, within a climate promoting intra & inter-generational equity, based on the commitment for continuous growth for the company and its shareholders” To become such an entity, MAS Holdings has a considerable workforce that they call as their “pride”. More than 50,000 people spread over ten countries are associated with the Group. In order to coordinate and manage their workforce, the Group maintains a strong Human Resource Department which can be considered as the heart of the organization. Human Resource Management encompasses several HR practices such as training and development, rewards and performance, employee relations, employee
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