Better Preparation Is Needed For Success

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Better Preparation is Needed for Success in Higher Education
Laura L. Criddle Siena Heights University Better Preparation is Needed for Success in Higher Education There is a growing concern for the level of preparedness students moving on to college achieve either through high school or entry level courses. A study prepared by Greene and Winters (2005) found nationally only 34% of the students who graduated from high school were found to be college ready. This indicates two thirds of the student body enrolled in college lack the essential skills necessary to move on to their career study of choice. This can present a difficult scenario for technical instructors who may now need to teach outside of their scope of expertise; most are subject matter experts who have not been formally trained in core competencies. Furthermore, very little time and resources are available during classroom hours to enhance these competencies. Additionally, a large percentage of two year college students are adult learners whose focus may be to enhance or build upon technical skills they already have or wish to acquire. The is a growing population; according to the National Center for Education Statistic, the number of students over the age of 25 enrolling in college rose by 41 percent between 2000 and 2011 (needed). That number is expected to continue to grow over the next few years. If this student body has been away from school for several years or had difficulty…
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