Better School Lunches Research Paper

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Many students nowadays think of lunch as a bag of chips, candy or some sort of junk food. Reason being our schools food is disgusting or the line is too long. It's hard to say no to junk food when the food being served at school isn't appetizing. We the student body need to speak up about these problems and find solutions. We can start being making the school lunches healthier and more nutritious. We can target this problems in many ways. First of all eating better schools lunches that actually are nutritious better the school. In order to better the school and its students, there needs to be a healthier lunch system that provides the essential macronutrients and micronutrients. To help not only the school, but the community as…show more content…
Also to teach students how to eat properly to get the nutrients they need to be healthy. The National School Lunch Program makes it possible for all schools in the United States to receive a healthier lunch. They provide students with one-third or more of the recommended nutrients students need. But imagine if we could increase that ratio and make it better. Through local markets its all possible.

In a study done by “The Journal of School Health” published in October 2010, the results showed that kids who eat school lunches are more likely to eat more fruits, vegetables, and milk that provide up 30 percent of their daily intake than kids who do not eat school lunches. But we need to push to get more students to eat lunch at our school. We need to attract more student Alongside the dietary benefits are behavioral benefits.

How the student body make the change. The first step is to plan a meeting with district council members to organize and plan. The second step would be to create a meal plan and decide what to eliminate or what to add. The third step would be asking the students what they want and give them choices for every day meals. The fourth step should be finding a local farmers market to obtain the
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