Better Than Revenge

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A warm evening breeze blew through Reese Todd’s short blonde hair as she took long strides towards the stadium. Knowing that the roads were blocked, she walked through the palm tree-lined streets. Never had she dared explore this city even though it was only about 75 miles from her vacation home in Cabo Frio. The crowd grew denser as she found it harder to keep moving at a constant pace and ended up squeezing through any space she could find to get ahead. As she neared the field, screams of excitement filled her ears, but later, those would have a different meaning. The doors flew open to the security checkpoint and she was able to pick up her pace. The savory smell of buttery popcorn and hot dogs blended perfectly with the sweet aromas of cotton candy and soda. The guard at the door ushered her to the side after looking through her bag. He pulled out the gun from within and started to say into his walkie-talkie, “Fellas, I think we’ve found Mr. X,” but not before Reese could pull out her badge and, after careful examination, was waved through. They had been warned, she realised, about Mr. X. They know he, or she, should be here tonight She had even overheard some terrified fans sporting 1D merchandise talking about him. Their hands trembled as the words spilled from their mouths, knowing that tonight might be their lasts. Reese made her way towards her seat which was almost on the floor of the stadium, but just high enough so she could see everything that was going on
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