Betty Ford Biography Essay

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Betty Ford

     Betty Ford was born on April 8, 1918 in Chicago. She lived in Denver and
Chicago and then moved to Grand Rapids when she was 2 years old. Her father was William S. Bloomer who working for the Royal Rubber Company and traveled, trying to get companies to buy their products. Her mother was Hortense
Neahr Bloomer who constantly wrote letters to her husband.
     She had two older brothers, Bill and Bob. Bill was 7 years older and Bob was 5 years older. Every summer they went up to their cottage at Whitefish Lake.
They also went up on weekends and had many friends over. She played the piccolo, piano, and took dance lessons. She was also a tomboy and wanted to play sports with
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     After Bennington, she went to New York with her room mate Natalie
Harris. They settled in a one bedroom apartment on Sixth Avenue. They walked to
Martha Graham’s studio on Fifth Avenue. They only got paid $10 a concert so they had to get jobs during the day and take the dancing lessons at night.
     She went back to Grand Rapids and started her own dance group. She married Bill Warren and divorced him 5 years later. She got a job at
Herpolsheimer’s as the fashion coordinator.
     On October 15, 1948 she married Gerald R. Ford. He ran for Congress and the election took place on November 2 and he won a seat in the House of
Representatives. He was sworn in 1949.
     They had 3 sons, Mike on March 14, 1950, Jack on March 16, and Steve on
May 19, 1956. Then Susan was born in 1957. On January 20, 1973 Gerald Ford became Nixon’s vice president. Then on August 9, 1974 he became President after
Nixon’s resignation.
     Betty Ford went for her check up at the National Naval Medical Center.
They found that she had breast cancer. and she went to the hospital 2 days later.
They removed the tumor, put her on chemotherapy, and gave her various pills.
     She worked for women’s rights and the rights of homosexuals. She was interviewed several times on 60 Minutes on CBS. She also visited

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