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Betty Neuman: Nursing Theorist Beth Anne Bonetti NSG 301 October 7, 2014 Summer Huntley-Dale MSN, RN Betty Neuman: Nursing Theorist Development of the Neuman Systems Model Betty Neuman received her nursing diploma from Peoples Hospital School of Nursing in Akron, Ohio in 1947. After earning her RN, she moved to California and gained experience in a number of different nursing positions including staff nurse, head nurse, school nurse, industrial nurse, and clinical instructor at the University of Southern California Medical Center (Alligood, 2014). Neuman attended the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) where she double majored in Psychology and Public Health and earned her BSN in 1957. She earned a master’s degree in Mental Health, public health consultation from UCLA in 1966 and a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Pacific Western University in 1985. Neuman was also recognized as a pioneer of nursing involvement in community mental health (Heyman & Wolfe, 2000). The Neuman Systems Model was developed by Neuman in 1970 while she was teaching community nursing at UCLA. “She was concerned about the development of a framework to explain the consultation role of nurses, one that could help students describe and explain their actions and the rationale for their actions” (Meleis, 2012, p. 305). She designed this model for students “to expand their understanding of client variables beyond the medical model” (Alligood, p. 282). The model was first

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