Betty Neuman's Systems Model

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Betty Neuman’s Systems Model A Look into Nursing Theories Syreeta Watkins, RN; Kim Thompson, RN; Devah Mateen, RN Winston-Salem State University Nursing 2312 Prof Faye Mauldin, RN, MSN April 26, 2011 Nursing can be described as a combination of both an art and a science because not only does it include natural and human sciences such as biology and psychology, but it also has the ability to morally guide nursing practice and form trusting relationships. With both aspects of art and science being incorporated into nursing, it allows for the focus to be concentrated on the wholeness of an individual. Throughout history, several nursing theorists have developed unique system models in order to provide a framework that guides nursing…show more content…
Neuman envisions a three-stage nursing process: 1. Diagnosis – synthesis of data and reflection of client’s entire condition 2. Goals – involves negotiation between the nurse and the client to reach optimum health 3. Outcomes – achieved through primary, secondary and tertiary interventions * Primary – occurs before the system reacts to a stressor. Includes health promotion/prevention. * Secondary – occurs after the system reacts to a stressor. Focuses on preventing damage to the central core by removing the stressor. * Tertiary – occurs after the system has been treated by primary and secondary interventions. Offers support to the client and attempts to add energy to reach stability (Current Nursing, 2011). In conclusion, when the Neuman Systems Model is applied in nursing, it assists in reaching the inner-most issues facing clients. As a result, more comprehensive care is delivered and the probability for better patient outcomes is increased. References Brouse, S. H. (1992). Analysis of Nurse Theorists' Definition of health for Congruence with Holism. (A. H. Association, Ed.) Journal of Holistic Nursing , X, 324-336. Gunusen, N. P., Ustun, B., & Giglioti, E. (2009). Conceptualization of Burnout From the perspective of the Neuman Systems Model. Nursing Science Quaterly , XXII (3), 200-204. Heyman, P., & Wolfe, S. (2007,
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