Betty Neuman's Theory Of The Nursing Theory In Nursing

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Nursing theory is what drives nurses as well as defines their role and purpose within health care. The nursing profession and health care as a whole depends on nurses continuing to advance and progress, it is important that the nursing theory mirrors the goals and ambitions of the nurse personally and of the health care organization as a whole if it is to adopt one. The theory chosen is the Neuman Model System, which is a Grand Theory based on human needs. The Neuman System Model is valuable in capturing the continuum that all humans have between wellness and illness, with a goal to maximize the time a human spends in wellness. A report will be created to address the Neuman Model System theory, with the intent to promote awareness to sexually transmitted infections and reduce the number of instances. This paper will discuss the theorist, Betty Neuman, the rationale for choosing the Neuman theory, major concepts and propositions of theory, previous application, current application, and an integration plan all concluding the importance of the Neuman’s theory.
History of Betty Neuman
Betty Neuman began her nursing career receiving a nursing diploma, advancing to a bachelor’s and master’s degree. Neuman has been a pioneer in the field of nursing, being a prolific writer and educator through her extensive works in community health, mental health, and psychology. Prior to becoming nursing consultant and nursing professor, Neuman served as a hospital staff nurse as well as an

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