Between Heaven and Earth

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"Between Heaven and Earth" Written by Alana Aston "Between Heaven and Earth" features the dynamic physical theatre performer Stace Callaghan as she attends a "Boot Camp for the Soul". Recently performed at the Powerhouse, the show is a pilgrimage through time, space and soul as it traverses the crevasse between psychological breakdowns and spiritual breakthroughs. Callaghan has said that the show is an "offering of healing" and she has successfully achieved this through the manipulation of dramatic styles, elements and conventions. This intention can be likened to the aim of Greek tragedies, in which the audience would experience a form of emotional cleansing called "catharsis". Throughout the play the tragedy would lead the audience…show more content…
Through activities such as the smashing of a pumpkin, group laughter as well as experiments which demonstrate the power of the mind, the audience were actively able to experience therapeutic healing. For example, the pumpkin smashing achieved catharsis as it enabled the "release of emotional tension which restores or refreshes the spirit". Therefore through manipulating the emotions that the audience felt and by actively helping the audience to release emotional tension, the mood created in "Between Heaven and Earth" invited feelings of catharsis to offer healing to the audience. The symbols which permeate "Between Heaven and Earth" were effectively used in making the show "an offering of healing" . The characters themselves were representative of different beliefs and religious ideals. The three saints obviously explore a more mystical approach to Christianity, Marie Byles represented the Buddhist perspective, Freda was a nature mystic and Murial believed in the power of exercise to exorcise the ‘inner critic '. The Buddhist shrine on the set also supports this whilst symbolising the peace, meditation, and state of mind that the philosophy of Buddhism encourages. Other symbols included the black box which served as Stace 's suitcase, bed and small compartment in which she must stay inside for meditation. The box was primarily symbolic of the trapped state of consciousness suffered
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