Between Nurture And Nature, The Truth Beneath The Rainbow Stream

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Between Nurture and Nature, The Truth Underneath The Rainbow Stream

Kartika Ayu Septiningrum

The Entry of LGBT in The Eastern Cultures.

1. Introduction

“This is the way God made me” day by day the same statement stated to emphasize that what happens with them (homosexual community) are God will. Moreover since the legality of same sex marriage in United States appeared, homosexual communities in eastern country seems become dare to show their existence and to force the government do the same thing like western culture do, legalizing same sex marriage.
Many people argued to make the best decision from all points of view. Arus Pelangi Community and all pro LGBT community, with the name of human rights doubt with Indonesia‟s society and culture in which most of them deny the legality of same sex marriage. The main reason of LGBT community‟s struggle in legalizing same sex marriage is the thought of the same sex preference are nature. However, the reference of this assumption is still in doubt.
An effort to change constitution in a country is not an easy matter. Need a very valid reason to do that. To analyze the truth of the statement „sex preference is nature‟, we need to dig up the truth of the origin of homosexuality. It is about the origin of it from historical perspective, and the origin of it from science perspective.

2. The First Homosexuality in The World

No historical heritage record certain time, place or person indicate the first…

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