Between The Various Financial Data And Eleventh Grade Students'

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between the various financial data and eleventh grade students ' achievement. A comparison of four groups of school districts designated by ad valorem wealth and SES also was conducted to identify difference in student achievement. The findings of the study reveals, total per student expenditure and direct average teacher salary had a direct relationship with the achievement in mathematics but not in languages and art, no significant direct relationship with the student achievement was shown for instructional-operation expenditure and per-student expenditure on support services, differences between high and low ad Valerom wealth and student achievement were found between high SES and low SES groups. This means that SES is a dominant factor…show more content…
Yusuf M.A & Adigun J.T (2010) Examined the influence of school type, sex and location on students ' academic performance in Ekiti state secondary schools. The sample of the study consisted of forty (40) secondary schools. Four (4) Government colleges (State Unity colleges) were purposively selected for the study while thirty- six (36) public secondary schools were randomly selected for the study. The school sampled had presented candidates for both West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) and National Examination Council (NECO) respectively. An instrument, school type, sex, location and students ' academic performance inventory was used to collect data for the study. Data collected were analyzed using percentage scores and t- test statistics. Three null hypotheses were generated and tested at 0.05 level of significance. Findings from the study showed that the level of students ' academic performance was low. It was also revealed that school type, sex and location had no significant influence on students ' academic performance. Based on the finding it was recommended that educational planners, administrators and evaluators should appreciate the fact that the Parent Teacher Association; Guidance and Counselors, philanthropists, students and society at large have crucial role to play in
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