Essay on Between Wishes and Beliefs in Wild Grapes

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Between Wishes and Beliefs in Wild Grapes

In "Wild Grapes," Robert Frost demonstrates the complex thoughts and struggles of a woman who lives her life, wishing that she had gained a knowledge that would have made her life different. At the same time, she hopes to preserve the exhilarating way she lives her life. Through the use of character portrayal, metaphor, symbolism, and diction, Robert Frost suggests to the reader that although people know that they should prepare themselves to walk through life, they still listen to their hearts, which causes them to be unprepared for what lies ahead of them. The poem starts with the woman telling a story from her youth, which is engraved traumatically in her mind.
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Comparing herself with her brother, she characterizes herself as a tomboy who is fond of adventure. However, on the day that she hangs on the tree, she realizes her lack of knowledge, in comparison to her brother, and she shows her fear of facing the reality of life. Frost uses character portrayal to illustrate the differences between their characters. Like Eurydice in Greek mythology, whose husband came back to save her, the little girl is saved by her brother from the tree where she is suspended. Frost captures the idea that she is no longer an adventurer, and that leads the reader to notice that she is facing reality.

Then Frost develops their characters making clear contrasts: the one who always knows about things and makes a decision following the knowledge and the one who is always led by the other, follows his knowledge, and gets confused in the process. Frost describes that the glade where the grape tree stands is the place that her brother already knew, and he leads her to the place. This introduces to the reader that he knows about the thing before he does it while she just follows what he does. Next, Frost describes, "My brother did the climbing; and at first for in sweet feru and hardhack; which gave him some time to himself to eat." This
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