Essay on Between a Hard Rock and Postmodernism

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Sociology Nate McDonald Between a Hard Rock and Postmodernism 9/17/12 I. What is the sociological question? What are the features of postmodern spaces? II. What is the analytical approach? Borchard’s approach at the opening of the Hard Rock was a participant observation approach. Borchard wanted to get into the Hard Rock Café the opening night is Las Vegas because he wanted to part of the concert, and the “once-in-a-lifetime experience” like everyone else in line. The line expanded around the 75ft spectacle of the Gibson guitar. Like everyone else, Borchard wanted to be a part of the grand opening to the most iconic and well known Rock and Roll hot spot now known. Borchard was looking to…show more content…
The world is depending less and less on the individual and wants people to be more like society to fit in and be how the bigger picture sees it, they want people to be seen as the famous people are and rebel or look a certain way. If a normal man tried to get into the Hard Rock concert (like the blonde man’s friend) they were denied because their look wasn’t right for the concert and wouldn’t be acceptable. Another man that Borchard talked to showed a way that society changed. It’s called a microwave relationship and that was when the man just opened up and told Borchard his entire life story and he has never met the man before in his life. The man talked about his whole crappy life to Borchard but he didn’t care, he wasn’t interested but this proved another point of his. In the postmodern world people are becoming more and more open with complete strangers. In result the things in the world weren’t lasting people couldn’t keep secrets people just rambled on about anything and everything from their own lives even to others, and didn’t think twice about it. The new postmodern world was departing from morals and individual expectations to gossip and looks. People now want to know and are willing to tell, people are not individuals but seem to stray towards the actions of those who society now says we should act like. The things in the world are
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