Beverly Atlee Bunn: A Brief Biography

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Beverly Atlee Bunn was born on April 12, 1916 in McMinnville, Oregon. She lived as an only child, parented by her mother and father. Her father first started out doing farm work, and greatly enjoyed it. Her mother called those years “slavery years” because she felt that her husband didn’t appreciate her enough. Eventually Beverly’s father had to get another job, due to the great Depression that happened in 1929. Money became tight and Beverly’s father had to get a job working at a bank. You can say she grew up an educated child, although at first she struggled greatly in reading and writing. She mastered those subjects around the 3rd grade. As Beverly grew she had a hunger for reading. Since their small town didn’t have a library, her mother…show more content…
She’s among one of my favorite authors. Even if her books are for lower level children, when I stumble upon one of her books and I usually just read it all. Sadly, the world has changed in many ways, either for better or worse. Her books gently remind us of how a child can be hurt or affected by life’s struggles. She also puts a nice little spin on family issues, but in the end everything turns out to be alright like a fairy tale. I feel like I can connect her character with my own scenarios. Once, when describing Beverly, one her teachers remarked, “This one… is a nuisance” (pg.100). Although a teacher has never said that to me (that I know of), I have been called a pest, annoying and a nuisance. So when I saw that a famous person could have had the same character traits, I took it upon myself to become more annoying. My sister did not quite like that… As another example, Beverly used to struggle in the same subject that I did--English. In school, Beverly Cleary could not read well. So she went to great measures to avoid reading:”I flatly refused to open a book” (pg.85). Like Beverly, I eventually became comfortable with the subject. Beverly used to be very bold. She would go against her mother’s orders and, for example, go sliding down stairs on a broomstick. Or she would simply do it for the fun of it. Once she even dared to risk her life. “I climbed out of the window, on to the ledge. I then began to walk around the

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