Bewitched Is A Sitcom About A Man Who Married A Witch

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Bewitched is a sitcom about a man who married a witch. This show was featured in 1964. Elizabeth Montgomery plays a good-hearted witch named Samantha. She is strong, independent, and wants to do things the mortal way: she gives up her witchy life. Darrin Stephens is her mortal husband played by Dick York. He is a talented advertising executive. He follows his set of socially masculine behavioral norms. By earning a good living for his family, he is following society norms leading a standard life where one works hard to earn a good living for one 's family. Society tries enforce these norms upon an individual through a process called socialization. Samantha 's dominant mother, Endora, played by Agnes Moorehead, is who Darrin constantly struggles with against because he disapproves witchcraft. In sociology, a social role is a set of connected behaviors as conceptualized by actors in a social situation. Gender is often, but decreasingly, used as a synonym for sex: referring to the physical separation of anatomy which is commonly used to differentiate male from female. Usually, Samantha casts spells early in the episodes, and the spell would inevitably backfire in a way that allowed for a more realistic problem to arise. Formerly, she and husband Darrin went through the paces of a domestic conflict. This is typical to millions of young couples filling the suburbs at that time. The domestic conflict changes perceived masculinity or femininity of a person or their

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