Bewitched : Nicole Halcyon 's Diary

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Nicole Halcyon’s Diary
November 1st, 1660
PARIS, FRANCE -- I am finally here, in the heart of France. I have found a place to live in, just at the borders of the city. It is quite small, with only a bedroom and a dainty little kitchen. But I like it. It is right by the lake, so during the summer months I can go fishing. I just finished unpacking, so I decided to go greet my new neighbor.
My new neighbor’s name is Catherine De Saint, a middle-aged lady with straight, long black hair and a set of deep green eyes. She seemed quite nice as she happily accepted my sugar cookies as a gift. Before I went back home, she warned me that there has been an epidemic going on and many were getting sick. She also told me to be careful since the city folks were accusing people of being witches.

November 26, 1660
I was at the market today stocking up on food. As I was leaving, a mob was coming down the street, dragging a woman by her ankles. She was screaming at the top of her lungs, begging for someone to help her. I was wondering what was going on, so I asked an old man who was watching nearby, he told me that they were going to kill the witch. I was in shock, wondering how the city folks had known she was a witch without any proof. The disease has been getting worse and much more were dying from it. Of course, the people were getting restless as time passed by. She was tied to the stake, and before they had killed her, she shouted to the crowd that we’d burn in hell. I

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