Beyonce Video Costumes

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The first aspect is costume. Beyonce wears multiple costumes in this music video and all of them may look different and have different styles but the purpose of them is the same, which is showing off her figure. An example of one of the costumes in the music video is a blue sparkly maxi dress that has a low v-neck. It has slits at the bottom of the dress that comes up to her knees. She is wearing blue open toe heels the same colour as the dress. Her hair is down and has been styled in curls. Her only accessories were dangling diamond earrings and she had a ribbon around the dress that said “Miss 3rd Ward” because she was in a beauty pageant and when she was wearing this dress she was being asked questions. When she was wearing this dress we…show more content…
In this dress we see that she has a great figure, is skinny and has got curves. Also we see all the hard work she must have done to achieve this body and all of the pain she would have gone through. The aspect costumes shows the idea of that it only matters what people wear and look like and this dress shows this idea because before she gets asked the question she does a full turn so the judges can see her full outfit. This implies that the judges are looking at what she looks, how nice her outfit is, how her hair looks etc. they are not looking at who she is as a person. This example tells us that life is like this too. We are always getting judged by what we look like, how our hair is, if our outfit looks good on us etc. We see this on the TV, magazines and people always talk about what people are wearing etc. People approach people by how they look. If they don’t look nice and we won’t approach them because of how they look. This is why women feel the need to dress up and look nice when they go out because people because society has made us think that it's all about the imagine not what's inside. All of this creates the pressure of
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