Beyonce's Costume Design

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Beyonce Costume Design Introduction The chance to provide designs for a major star like Beyonce comes only once in a lifetime. Therefore, it is important to really do the research and understand her unique style and what she is trying to accomplish in terms of her image. Beyonce is clearly trying to bring back a very sexy and edgy image, which can be accomplished with the use of synthetic multifilament fibers like lame and Lycra in order to give her the strength and flexibility she needs in crucial performances. Qualities as a Designer As a fashion student, I can bring in-depth knowledge of textiles, weaves, and yarns in order to best provide Beyonce with the combination of sexiness, glamour, and functionality that she demands. I have access to quality fabrics and have the eye to build a structural design that will wow her audience. It is all about being creative, and using knowledge of fabric basics to formulate a design that will be talked about for years to come. Staying True to Her Looks Examining Beyonce's recent performances show a clear trend that can help me as a designer understand and meet her needs. In summer of 2012, Beyonce highlighted several performances in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Here, she wore costumes that highlighted a sexy showgirl concept. The costumes were provocative, functional, and most importantly extremely glamorous. Designed by Ralph & Russo, she enjoyed several pieces with lots of glitz and glam, with revealing fabrics with
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