Beyond Flextime

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Organizational Behavior Beyond Flextime: Trashing the Workweek J.A. Counter’s ROWE program includes influence tactics as well as a couple of power bases. The influence tactics prevalent in this case are soft tactics because they are worker friendly and not coercive at all. Inspirational appeals are present in this case because the decision to incorporate ROWE into the work environment at J.A. Counter is a direct approach to appealing to all employees. They are no longer bound by set days and times to be present at their jobs but rather given the motivation to complete their tasks by a certain time but at their own pace, hours chosen, and days preferred. This tactic is used to appeal to the employee’s. Consultation is another…show more content…
Skoglund has enabled employees to now make decisions about their work days and performance. She has done away with mandatory hours and days that undoubtedly held time constraints for specific tasks to be completed. The employees now have freedom to decide when and for how long they will attend their job (physically). In implementing the ROWE program, Skoglund has given all employees authority to make decisions. Skoglund’s decision to implement the ROWE program has given the employees major say in the workplace, mainly focused on their personal desire to come and go as they please and work the hours they themselves decide. In most organizations, this seems an invitation to chaos but according to this case, it has increased productivity therefore I do not feel employee empowerment has been taken too far. The goal of employee empowerment is to increase productivity and competitiveness (Kreitner & Kinicki) and in this case, that goal has thus far been met. This could also be defined as participative management. J.A. Counter has successfully established a balance between the employee’s self interests and the organizations interests by incorporating the ROWE program. The ROWE program will have a positive impact at J.A. Counter because the owner has “intentionally enhanced the self-interest of the employees” (p. 452). The ROWE program alleviates any challenges in the amount of power any employee has over another; they are all given
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