Beyond Heroes and Holidays by Enid Lee

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Have you ever been called something horrible that was based on what race you were or something even worse than name calling? (Rhetorical Question) In the book, Beyond Heroes and Holidays, Enid Lee explains racism as the “use of individual and institutional power to deny or grant people and groups of the rights of people, respect, representation and resources based on the color of their skin”. (Logos) Such types of discrimination occur most often in schools and are expressed in many forms; in this case, students are the main targets of racism which affects not only how they interact but also how they learn in schools. Unfair situations, social problems, and negative behaviors are all the cause for a huge problem known as racism, which in today’s society is a huge problem that needs to be solved in schools everywhere. (Parallelism)(Thesis)
This unfair situation called Racism causes results in discrimination against the student victim that leads to poor educational performances. How so? Take for example a student at school who is discriminated because of their race. Such degrading confrontations causes the student to feel discomfort which leads to low self-esteem and being unable to concentrate well in their studies. As explained in The reals racism in our schools-- low expectations or delusional thinking by Larry Strauss, students who are victims have lower grades than a student who is not discriminated against would score. This is the lack of concentration and discomfort that

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