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Question 1: Evaluate the different market opportunities available to Peter, taking the financiers’ perspective. What would be your recommendations as a business angel? The success of the flow binding shows that people are looking for a better solution than the now available bindings. Hereby, it is clearly very important to keep the soft boots, as they provide the snowboarders the necessary comfort, together with the ease of the step-in bindings. However, attention need to be taken into account to avoid the disadvantages of the flow bindings. As a business angel I would trust Peter on this matter, as he has been a semi-professional snowboarder. He knows the important characteristics the bindings must have in order to be the most…show more content…
d. A new product. there is actually three type of snowboard binding: • The Strap binding (70%) • The Step-in binding (20%) • The Flow-in binding, an intermediary solution (10%) The new hybrid binding developed by Peter combines the ease of step-in bindings with the comfort of the soft boots and without the disadvantage of the flow concept. The market is ready for a new product. Beyond Product offers a new and different product that can attract people. e. Have a patent in the main winter sport country in Europe, USA and Canada until 2018. He owns the technology. f. Have an alternative in case of in selling or licensing the IP rights. g. Competitive price of 200€-240€. He proposes an innovative and quality product at a competitive price whatever the brand and the type of binding. h. Have already the roadshow’s network (ISPO in Europe, SIA in the U.S.). 2. Weaknesses a. Hard to get into the market because the brand is not recognize yet b. Only one product now. The best brands in this market have a range of products like backpacks, jackets, hand gloves,… c. No patent for Japan while he account to sell them overthere d. He has still to find 300.000€ to get up and running, to develop and test the prototype that could be presented at the ISPO trade fair. e. Everything seems to depend on only one event, the ISPO trade fair. Beyond Product have to show a strong image directly and the public has
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