Beyond Religion: Finding Our Inner Selves

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The central purpose of Beyond Religion is to place emphasis on the inner qualities and values of an individual rather than devoting too much effort on external or material aspects of life. Mankind has endured many challenges since the beginning of time and yet we continue to face many problems. Despite our advances in medical science, technology, education, healthcare, human rights, laws, etc., we still suffer, struggle, and encounter many crisis around the world. Many parts of the world still experience poverty, crime, injustice, inequality, corruption, social, and environmental problems. The book asserts that these problems are a result of neglect of our inner qualities and moral values not just based on religious beliefs but the…show more content…
In order for us to find true happiness, we have to look past the external benefits and dig deep down inside and assess our cognitive stability and internal motivation. Having a peace of mind can provide happiness even in times of difficulties and challenges. The main topic for chapter four is about compassion as the foundation of our well-being. We have been receiving care and affection ever since we were in our mother’s womb. From the moment we were born, our survival depends on the loving care and attention of others. As human, we develop a feeling of bonding and security to those who cared for us during infancy and childhood. Moreover, the nurturing aspect we receive has a tremendous impact on our psychological and emotional development. As a result, we develop a sense of compassion. The key emphasis is to expand and cultivate our compassion into a universal compassion without feeling of resentment or regret. True compassion has a profound benefit not just to others but also to one self. It is the foundation of our well-being by positively influencing our physical and mental state. Many argue that the principle of compassion which suggests forgiveness conflicts with the exercise of justice which warrants punishment for the crimes committed. If compassion is given priority over justice, criminals would be allowed to go unpunished and the victims would be
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