Beyond The Healthy Marriage Initiative

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Chaney, C. (2009). Beyond the Healthy Marriage Initiative: How Extension Agents can promote healthy relationships among low-income, cohabiting African American Couples. North Carolina State University Extension.
The Healthy Marriage Initiative provided funds to allow various programs to be organized to help fulfill its goals of promoting healthy marriages. The author suggested that extension agents have understanding in how they can help accomplish the coals of the Healthy Marriage Initiative in regards to low-income, African-American couples, with children. Chaney provides background and research of cohabitating and single parenthood in African American families. She further discussed the African American Healthy Marriage Initiative (a branch of the original Healthy Marriage Initiative), in which cultural competency and the responsibilities of fathers are stressed.
Chaney, based on previous research, suggested that extension agents should be aware of their values and biases regarding cohabitating families and recognize the context of cohabitating relationships. Extension agents can provide specific examples to families of ways in which their families can be strengthened. They can further help families understand the effects of poor and low-quality relationships. Finally, the author suggests specific ways in which extension agents can better understand the context and climate surrounding cohabiting families, as well as the goals of these families.
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